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Updated: March 26, 2016

Set in modern day South Korea, you'll be playing as a stylist who's running late for a very important event and gets to spend a day with a member of a rookie idol group, called QUAR'X!

This visual novel is loosely inspired on Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단)'s song, "Just One Day" (하루만, "Haruman").

*Note: This is a project made for practice (and fun) from drawing sprites to coding. It has no solid storyline, fancy features, and doesn't tackle deep topics. No proofreading done as well.

*Notes about Android Release: Minor fixes were done.

80 mb (desktop) | 63 mb (Android)
Words: 6, 465
Player: Single
Endings: 5 (1 each bachelor)
Genre/s: Friendship
Release: February 7, 2016
Android Release: March 26, 2016
Rate: PG+

160326: (Android) APK file uploaded. You can now play the game in your Android devices!
160326: New desktop game file (1.2) uploaded. Minor changes were done. Finally has a proper .exe icon.


HARUMAN-1.2-all.zip 79 MB
Haruman-1.2-release.apk 62 MB


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I've played this a few months ago but forgot to make a feedback so I'll do it now.  I really like the game despite it being REALLY short, I like one-shots anyway. But I don't mind it if you guys will make it an actual story line. The title says it all, really reminds me of BTS's Just One Day song.

Thank you so much! <3

No prob. May I know if you guys are still going for the full story line? :)

I'm now only in-charged with the encoding. My friends are in-charged of sprites and story, altho they seem to be busy already so it's now pending. ^q^ );;;;;;

DUDE I LOVED THAT GAME I LOVE THE VISUALS THE CONCEPT EVEYRTHING djcdjsdcf but i wish this was made into a storyline :((( please make a similar game

hello summer!

Thank you for the feedback!

My friends and I were having hard time managing our schedules but we are planning on making Haruman a whole game with actual storyline. :")

your comment convinced me to download it before i even had a chance to decide yay or nay

Omg I hope you'll find it nice!